Tuesday, May 8, 2012

halloo holiday xD

finally my matriks life had ended ..
and seriously, i can still remember it like it was just yesterday..
yet, it's hard for me to forget things that happened, including all the friends i've met there ^^
miss you guys !!

got my 4-month holiday occupied.
firstly working, again back to qdees =P
then have to fit myself with some sports... lol
then gonna play my piano again.
and of course drama, but this time, i'll reduce the frequency tho...
as 4 months is not very long ><

til then, i shall start counting down til 29th may now
God bless ...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


april .... the last month of me in matriks ...
well, march was kinda normal, with nin's and others' birthday celebration xD
it was like just yesterday we had all the fun together here..

as time flies, til now i'm counting down until the 26th, and it is 15 days to go...
15 days.. in a fortnight's time i'm leaving here, parting with my friends here... =(
but before that, the pspm II .... well starting to prepare for it already but still, dun feel like i'm well-equipped to go for that war... hence, more studies have to be done ><

back to the end-of-matriks part..
there're lots of feeling in me.
happy - because holiday already
unwilling - because i have my dearest friends hanging out for a year here

anyway, still it comes when it has to come ..
hope to see you guys somewhere else..
penang lang, will surely find you guys if i got the chance xD

rock the last 15 days !!!


Saturday, March 17, 2012

finally i get to settle down and make some update since ups 2 last month ><

There's a Indian festival 'colour of ranggoli' .. I was involved in their fashion show, which is rather impossible for me but yea i joined == Well, everything was fine, the beautiful clothes and the makeup but sigh it didnt go very well for my part~~~ Anyway, i had fun tho xD

It's the big day for us chinese in kmph i guess. Well as for me, the 24 season drum rocks !! xD So is all other performances. I love you all !!

Our Karnival Sains.. And again i joined another activity which i never thought i would joined -- Pertandingan Reka Cipta Sains -- It is compulsary for every tutoran with 5 representatives but it is divided into chemistry, physics and biology. And for mine we got bio. with Ielah, Shaza and my 2 girlfriends ysing & sf, we make ourselves a 'forest' xD Never forget the part where the makcik cleaner throw our things away == We did it almost halfway ady la and i cant believe that makcik have no sense of art at all to think our creation as rubbish !!! Cannot accept lurrrr !!!! But still, we got the third .... It was a success for a 'one-night-production' to won tho. Hehe... Oh yea, thinking back, isnt miss anidha owe us a meal?????

End of February
I can still feel the tense even til now. It was a freaking busy time i ever had. With all the assignments and presentations to be done, we seriously make 'very very full' use of our time.. Agree with me my fellow classmates Yingsingtan & sfloh ... But then, i do enjoy the time when we were doing bio assignment xD All the singing and making our BT a cyber cafe style .. When are we gonna rock it again??? xD

We had a small celebration a.k.a a graduation party for kmph chinese at tc. They rent a homestay there we partay!! Well i miss the fun of playing games in the evening as i applied some medicine on me leg after getting a 'massage' >< Well, it feels different when you have a bunch of friends staying and playing together.. although the place is kinda small and pack....

Ups 2 result is out.. And as expected i screwed biology.. But yet thank God still got A-
Sf got the same result with me but our ysing made it... Congratulations to us !! xD
Entering march, all of us got sick.. I'm not sure whether it started with me or it was just a coincidence. So we delayed our celebration for ups...

- Well i catched up with my work,but not all ... at least almost there..
- And something went differently, with all the 'avoiding' and the emo kia == Making the 3 of us kinda pissed off actually. So dude, would you just knock it off and stop being so dramatic??? ><
- Pspm 2 is reaching, and all the lecturers are going on a sped of light to finish the syllabus in 3 weeks time.
- Counting down towards the end of matriculation in 40 days xD
- We had our celebration with chicken chop for dinner today xD


Monday, February 6, 2012


1. Chinese new year is over... *damn fast*. this year won about 10 bucks overall, with all the winnings back at bagan serai and lost in kuantan ...
2. Ups 2 is over. GG biology as something out of syllabus went out.. so , haizzz
3. Preparing for cny celebration already. Tickets are selling now.. Have to bring alot of things for the pameran dy. An drum practice.. .... ... .... ... .... ...
4. Have to get my english presentations done tho.... haizzzz
5. Gonna rush through allthe subjects that i lost focus before ups ... TT

Important countdowns
- cny celebration -13 days-
- pspm 2 -74 days-
- end of matrikx -81 days-



Sunday, January 15, 2012

haha, sei ye 'the king' , never knew you're such a pity man....
so what if you got lower grade,
still you can go and tell the whole wolrd you've done your best .... proudly .......
but now what you do.. telling the whole world you actually got a higher grade so that people would amuse you or or admire you??? oh come on .... it's such a pity to do so .... haha
it'll eventually turn out to be something bad dude.. trust me .....

stop talking bout 'the king'
now about me... just about me..
well tomorrow i'm going to hand in my english report already ..
and that means i'm going to be freeeeeee from these shitttty reports and go on my life
for at least until chinese new year ...
yippiee! xD

but then after that, it's a mid sem test again .....
time flies and year, i'm sitting for my last mid sem test after cny
how great is that...
soon,it'll be the end of matriks ady LOL

counting down :
cny > 5 days
ups > 2 weeks
cny celebration of KMPh> 1 month
pspm 2 > 3 months
end of matriks > 3 months


Thursday, January 5, 2012

i never thought my life would turn out to be like this is the beginning of the year....

firstly, the dinamika thingy had made me down yesterday ..
and fine, i let it go and the folio can be done with the help of the teacher this time....

and now this????
what the hell..
who God think i am ....
who 'you' think we are??
whole class of fools that you can fool around???
well i dun know bout others but i do heard you said ... that make us disappoint madam today ..
what the f**k

listen up loser ..
if i were to say sorry to 'you'
it's not because of me accusing you..
it'll be because of i feel guilty of betraying my classmate..
still, i'm telling the truth !!!
so shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

* i'll never let my tears drop because of someone like you
they'll only drop because i cant hold my feelings any longer *


Sunday, January 1, 2012

extraordinary countdown .....

this is extremely unbelievable and it all happens on the 31st december of 2011...\\

2300 (c2.t3.16)
we received messages to have countdown ....

2315 (c2.t1 staircase)
meet up with c2 gang : kaiyan, wenying, huiyee, shiaoting

according to plan we are suppose to meet up with them at astaka..... but guards are on their duty ...

c1 gang join us at c2 ... perhaps it's a wrong decision... we sneaked to c1 as there are no guards around there...

made our move out of c1.. but we were spotted on the way across the road...
we ran for our lives....
zi hui got caught ...

2357(joanne's room)
we were worried bout zaza, and at the same time.. we heard the voices of them counting down ..
5....4......3......2......1....... happy new year !!!!!! ><

0010(zi hui's room)
we were feeling guilty for zihui.....
it's bad for us to leave us there to talk with the guards...
luckily she's not been recorded for anything ..
but still ... SORRY ZI HUI =x

the guards are on their bike, heading towards astaka...
phone calls are being made to them to alert them ..
but still, too late..

most of the guys did escaped,
and the rest of 20 peoples are caught...

negotiation being made...
felo's appearance calm the intense situation and people are being released...

c2 gang are trapped at c1 for the rest of the night..
c1 gang are considered as 'safe'
only 4 A block girls managed to run back
most of the guys managed to escaped

overall report..
KMPh guards cannot run ==
we had an extraordinary and unforgettable countdown in 2012
i swear i'll never forget about this ...
it was like doing mission impossible
it even appeared in my dream ..

Happy New Year people !!!!
happy new year indeed .....